Weekly Update 5/22/17

Weekly Updates

Here’s what’s been going on this week at Pickle Toes Patterns!

Manic Monday

Snail Hunter Trousers are on sale this week for Manic Monday for just $3!  Hurry and grab this versatile pants/shorts pattern while we have it on sale until midnight CST.  This is an all year pants pattern with so many length options.  Make 5 different lengths, 2 different waistband types, and have fun using those scraps!  These can be made from woven, knit, or any combination of the two types of fabrics.  Total wardrobe staple pattern.  Run and get them before Manic Monday ends!!!

The pattern can be purchased here:

snail hunters manic monday

PDF Love

pdf cover pdf love

This week at PDF Pattern Sales and Promotion we are sponsors of #PDFLOVE on Wednesday! If you have never entered a PDF love before here’s a link to the rules:

So on Wednesday 5/24 head over to PDF Patterns Sales and Promotion to post your photos of Pickle Toes Patterns and tag it #PDFLOVE to enter to win! We can’t wait to see all of your creations!!

New Releases

This week’s new release is Grasshopper Bottoms!  This is a knit or woven bottoms pattern for girls.  The pattern comes in 3 lengths: Play shorts, Bermuda shorts, and Capri.  Grasshoppers feature an inseam pocket, side slit, and bow detail, and elastic waist.  These are the best shorts for summer, and the Capri length is amazing for back to school!  Sizes range from 2-16y.  Use code FINALLY at checkout to get 20% off until 5/25/17.

You can purchase Grasshopper’s here:


Coming Thursday

scrap tutu

We will have a tutorial on the blog Thursday.  Who to make a fabric tutu.  Come back and see us then for an awesome FREE tutorial that includes measurements and tips for sizes 6 months to 16y.

Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Patterns Team



Weekly Update 5/8/17

Weekly Updates

Here’s what’s been going on this week at Pickle Toes Patterns!

Manic Monday!

This week for Manic Monday we are offering the Taylor Tee in kids sizes 2-18. Catch the sale only for ONE day 5/8/17.  Grab your copy of the kids Taylor Tee for only $1!!


Taylor Tee manic monday

Mother’s Day Sew Along Event

We are having a special Mother’s Day Selfish sew along event Wednesday 5/10-Saturday 5/13 with our prize being given away Mother’s Day 5/14 at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/pickletoespatternssewalongs

Come join us for the best Mother’s Day ever! Sew yourself something and get entered to win a free pattern!!

Purchase your pattern here:

mothers day sew along

New Releases

This week we have had 4 fabulous releases!

Tulip Tie Top and Dress for Build-A-Bear.  This dress is an all woven a-line classic that matches our Tulip Tie for girls.  Your little one can dress up their Build-A-Bear workshop animals in style or even make matching outfits!  The pattern can be purchased for $3.50 at:


tulip bear

Next we have the matching 18 inch Tulip Tie Dress and Top for 18 inch doll.  I know my little one LOVES to dress up her doll collection.  This woven vintage a-line style dress is sure to be her favorite new dress for her best friend!  You can make matching outfits with our girls version as well.  Purchase the Tulip Tie Dress and Top for 18 inch doll for only $3.50 at:


tulip doll

Next up we have a very special release.  This dress is very close to my heart as it is named after my daughter, Savannah.  It features a faux sweetheart bodice and color blocked back bodice (for girls only), regular bodice, bubble skirt or tiered skirts, regular sleeves in the full spectrum of lengths, and puff sleeve.  There are SO many options it is hard to make the same dress twice!!  We have 2 different size groups baby (NB-24mos) and girl (2-16).  Grab your copies for 20% off using the code BUBBLES at checkout till May 14th!

Girls sizes can be purchased here:

savannah girls

Baby sizes can be purchased here:


savannah baby

What’s on Deck

We are releasing our grasshopper shorts and Capri pants on Friday 5/12!

This pattern features 3 pant/shorts lengths, play shorts (shorter shorts), Bermuda (longer shorts), and capri (calf length).  Grasshoppers have a fun slit at the bottom of the hem with optional bow detail.  Grasshoppers are designed for woven fabrics, and they feature an easy elastic waist.  Look out for the release on Friday!


That’s about all for this week at Pickle Toes Patterns!

Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Patterns Team


Weekly Update 5/1/17

Weekly Updates

Here’s what’s been going on at Pickle Toes Patterns this week.  

Manic Monday!

This week for Manic Monday we will have our Doll Basics pattern on sale for just $1!  Hury and grab it before MIDNIGHT CST.  No coupon needed.

You can purchase Doll Basics here:


doll basics cover

This week we have added a new member to our admin team.


We have added Deirdre Moenk to our admin team this week.  If you see her around the page give her a warm welcome.  She has been part of our page already for quite some.  I had Deirdre write a bit about herself.  Here is what she has to say:

I’m a 31 year old stay home mom. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, but am now living in Ohio due to my husband’s job. I’m a scientist and a self-improvement junkie. I love trying new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I taught myself to sew about 2.5 years ago when my daughter was born. I found PDF patterns and was quickly sucked into the online sewing world. I love connecting with sewing friends from all around the world. In the “real world” I am a sarcastic, creative, introvert who loves naps and cats.


We are so excited to have you on our team!


New Releases

This week we had one new release.  The Tulip Tie Top and Dress.  This cute a line dress and top is designed for woven fabrics.  Tulip comes in sizes Preemie-16y.  You will love how easy it is to sew! The Tulip also includes the cutest tie pockets that go amazingly with the tie shoulders.

Grab your copy while it is on sale for just $5.  HURRY you only have until Wednesday night (5/3/17)

Purchase your pattern here:


tulip girls


What’s on Deck

This week we have 2 upcoming  releases.

The first release is the Doll and Build a bear version of the Tulip Tie top and dress.  Now you can make adorable matching dresses for all! The Tulip Tie Dress and top  for 18 inch doll and Build a Bear releases on Tuesday 5/2.

The next new release is very close to my heart.  Savannah will release on Thursday 5/4/17.  This dress has been in the works for over a year now.  The inspiration behind it is my daughter Savannah.  The dress features a faux sweetheart bodice with color blocking continuing on the back, puff sleeves as well as regular sleeves in the full spectrum of length, bubble or tiered skirt, and also plain bodice.  The Bodice of Savannah drafted for knit, and the skirts are drafted for woven.  I hope you love this dress as much as I do!

New feature on our group page!

We now have a new feature on our group page.  Our cover photo is now a calendar!  Now you can see what we have in the works for each day of the week.  View our new cover photo feature at http://www.facebook.com/groups/pickletoespatterns

Below is our week.  Check out all of the things we have planned for the week.  Testing calls, new releases, and even some fun on Friday with BINGO!



That’s all for this week!

Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Patterns Team

Weekly Update 4/24/17

Weekly Updates


Here’s what’s been going on this week at Pickle Toes patterns!


This week we had 2 awesome new releases

The first new release is Seedling Bloomers.  These vintage style ruffle butt bloomers come in sizes Preemie-6y.  This is an all woven pattern with elastic waist and leg casings.  There are 3 rows of ruffly goodness and 2 ways to finish your ruffles.  They are still on sale NO COUPON NEEDED for $5.20.  Hurry and grab them before they go back to regular price!


seedling bloomers



Our next new release is a fabulous freebie! Like big bows?  Sugar and Spice Headband is sure to help you use all those awesome knit scraps up in a flash!  The pattern includes NB-adult, 18 inch doll, and Build a Bear sizes.  If you don’t like big bows we have you covered too… there are instructions on how to make your headband without the bow too.

Get your copy for free!


sugar and spice

What’s on Deck

This week the Tulip Tie dress and top will be releasing Thursday 4/27/17.   This dress and top are A-line with a sweet little tie shoulder.  I heard a rumor that there might be cute little tie pockets too… can this get any better??  Gather up all of your woven fabric and look out for the Tulip Tie dress and top this week!

Coming into testing

This week we will have 2 new patterns coming into testing!




lace top


That’s about all for this week!


Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Pattern Team



Weekly update 4/18/17

Weekly Updates

Here’s what’s been going on this week at Pickle Toes Patterns!

This week we have 2 patterns that are releasing soon

We will be releasing the Seedling bloomers in sizes Preemie-6.  These Ruffle bottom bloomers are just the cutest thing EVER and they go amazing with our recent release Daisy Pinafore.  They are an all woven pattern with 3 rows of ruffly goodness, elastic waist and legs, and a fun bubbly shape!

Seedlings will be releasing THURSDAY 4/20/17 so keep your eyes peeled for them.

bloomers 11

Our next release will be Tulip Tie Dress releasing 4/27/17.  This is a sweet little a line dress with tie shoulders and adorable pockets.  It is SO EASY you will want one for every day of the week! Tulip Tie Dress will come in sizes Preemie-16y.  What could possibly make this pattern better??? It comes in top length too!!  So pair it with the soon to be released Seedling Bloomers for an adorable look.

Tulip Tie dress


That’s all we have for this week!

Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Patterns Team


How to Make Unpaper Towels and Cloth Napkins- a super easy naptime tutorial

Craft Projects, Patterns and Tutorials

This week at Pickle Toes Patterns we are going to do a tutorial!

As a mom of 4 I am always trying to figure out ways to cut costs.  Using unpaper towels not only saves you some cash, but it is good for the environment!  2 checks in the win box for me.  I am all about saving some cash while saving the environment.  Making unpaper towels and napkins is SUPER EASY and you can zip right through a ton of them at nap time.  I hope you get some great use out of this tutorial.

Making Unpaper Towels and Napkins With a Serger

Supply list:

Flannel Fabric

Straight edge ruler

Marking pen


Serger thread

Steam iron

OPTIONAL sewing machine and machine thread (for making an X through your unpaper towels)

Something with a rounded edge ( I like to use a coffee cup)


Step 1

Measure your fabric.  For unpaper towels you will want squares that measure 13X13.  You will need 2 squares for each unpaper towel.  For napkins you will need squares that measure 6.5X6.5.  You will also need 2 squares for napkins.   I have used red to mark my cuts so that you can see the cuts in the photo.



Step 2

Once you have measured your squares take the rounded object that you have (such as a coffee cup or a can) and round off the corners.  This will make it easier to serge your fabric.  Plus it makes it looks a little nicer.  Do this on ALL of your edges for the napkins and unpaper towels.


Step 3 Cut your fabric

Cut your fabric using the rounded edge cut lines that you have created with your cup/can/round object.


Step 4

Place your rounded squares WRONG sides together and pin them in place.

Step 5

Serge all the way around the fabric.  I recommend starting your serging right after a corner.  Do not start directly on the corner.  Corners can be tricky.  Take your time and go slow if needed.  When you meet the other end snip your thread and pull the tail tight so that it will not come undone.  You only need to trim off the edge when serging.

You can either be done at this point with a perfectly functioning napkin and unpaper towel set, or you can go to the next step.




Take your napkin or unpaper towel, fold in half on the diagonal.  Iron to set the fold.  Open your unpaper towel.  Now fold in half on the diagonal the opposite way.  Iron to set the fold.  You should end up with an X ironed into your fabric.  Now sew a zig zag, a curvy stitch, or even a straight stitch using the ironed X as a guide.

Now you are all finished making your napkin and unpaper towel set!

That is all for this week!

Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Patterns Team




Weekly Update 4/3/17

Weekly Updates

Here’s what’s been going on at Pickle Toes this week! 

Have a Crafty Easter! 

From now until Easter get 35% off our entire stock of patterns.  Yes… EVERY PATTERN is on sale!!! Use code COTTONTAIL at checkout.



New Releases

This week we had one new release. Home Run Raglan Set for 18 inch dolls is a versatile and fun pattern.  This can be dressed up or dressed down.  3 sleeve lengths (short, 1/2, and long) and 2 pants lengths (shorts, and pants).  If you have a boy doll this would be a hit too!

You can purchase Home Run Raglan set here:


What’s on Deck

We are super excited for Daisy Pinafore coming this week!  This is our FIRST all woven pattern.  This is a vintage style criss cross pinafore.  It has a snap closure, but it can be easily be made with buttons.  The girls pattern is releasing Wednesday 4/5/17.  The bloomers/shorts/capris will be coming VERY soon!  Here’s a peak at the girls Daisy Pinafore.

Daisy Pinafore and Shorts for 18 inch doll is set to release this Wednesday 4/5/17 also.  This will surely make some cute matching outfits for summer!  The pattern features 2 shorts lengths (Bermuda and play length) and the criss cross pinafore.

Daisy Pinafore set for Build a Bear will release this Friday 4/7/17.  The Build a Bear version features the criss cross pinafore and 2 pants lengths (shorts and capris).  Releasing just in time for Easter. Plus how cute is that tale hole!! Dress up those bunnies for the holiday!


In the testing phase

The Savannah dress has gotten a little bit of a make over while in testing.  We have decided that we love bubble skirts!  Oh and also puff sleeves ♥  We can’t wait to release this sweetheart of a pattern.




   That about wraps this week at Pickle Toes Patterns!


Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Patterns Team

Weekly Update 3/27/17

Weekly Updates

Here’s what’s been going on this week at Pickle Toes Patterns!

New Releases

This week we released 3 new patterns!  We have completed our family of Pickles Tees with the Zesty Pickles Tee (men’s sizes XS-5X), The Bread N Butter Pickles Tee (women’s sizes XS-4X), and the Sweet Pickles Tee (girl’s sizes 2-16).  Each tee features multiple sleeve lengths, thumb hole cuff, hooded options, and banded options.

zesty coverPurchase Zesty Pickles Tee here:


bnb cover

Purchase Bread N Butter Pickles Tee here:


sweet coverPurchase Sweet Pickles Tee here:


New Bundle Packs

We have introduced a new category into our store!  Bundle Packs.  This is were you can snag a deal on buying the bundle.  There are 2 packs available right now, but we will be adding more along the way.

Unisex Bundle

This bundle includes the Zesty Pickles Tee, and the Dill Pickles Tee.  Grab the bundle for only $17.00.  That is a savings of $3!

Purchase this bundle here:


Girly Bundle

This bundle includes the Bread N Butter tee for Ladies, and the Sweet Pickles Tee for Girls.  Grab them together for $17.00 and save $3.00!

Purchase your bundle here:

What’s On Deck

We are currently testing 3 patterns.  At Pickle Toes we love to keep it busy around here!  I’m so excited to announce that we have in testing our first 100% woven pattern ever… yes ever!  Plus 2 other pretty amazing patterns.

Daisy’s Pinafore is our first all woven pattern ever!  In sizes nb-16 girls.  Classic style criss cross back stle, and button or snap closure.  A total nap time sew!  PLUS it can be made to be reversible.  I know I am making a ton of these for the summer.  We will be doing another pattern for bloomers/shorts/capris to match VERY SOON!


Next up for testing is Savannah.  This dress features a faux sweetheart neckline, puff sleeve, regular sleeve (short, 3/4, and long), bubble skirt, and gathered skirt.  The bodice is made from knit, and the skirt is made from woven.  Keep your eyes open because this is going to be a show stopper!


Next in testing we have the Home Run Raglan set for 18 inch dolls.  This set features a fun raglan shirt with 3 sleeve lengths, woven pants, and shorts.  Your dolly will be all ready for baseball season with the new Home Run set!

That about wraps up this week!

Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Pattern Team



Weekly Update 3/20/17

Weekly Updates

Here’s what’s been going on this week at Pickle Toes Patterns!

New Pattern Releases

This week we have released 2 great patterns!  The first pattern we have released is Polliwogs.  Leggings available in sizes 12 months to 16 kids.  The smaller sizes in this pattern are for little ones with non diapered bottoms.  We just love leggings here, and these are the perfect nap time project.  I can sew some up in about a half an hour start to finish.  The pattern is only $5! What a deal!!

poliwogs released

You can purchase Polliwogs here:


Our 2nd new release is Lazy Daisies Undies and Cami Set for 18 inch dolls.  This pattern is a two piece set featuring a cami and modest undies for your doll.  Grab your FOE and your scraps!

You can purchase Lazy Daisies here:


lazy daisies released

What’s on Deck

There are 3, count them 3, pattern releases coming in the next few days!  Now you can make t-shirts for the entire family!! We will complete our line of PICKLES TEES this coming week.

The first to release will be the Zesty Pickles Tee.  This is our Men’s Tee in sizes XS-5X.  The man in your life will love the fact that you can sew him an amazing shirt!  2 sleeve lengths (long and short), either crew neck or hooded option, PLUS A BONUS thumb hole cuff.  Stay tuned because this releases TODAY!

Our women’s tee, Bread N Butter Pickles Tee will be releasing Wednesday of this week!  The women’s tee comes in sizes XS-4x.  The tee features a jeweled neckline with a hooded option, 5 sleeve lengths (cap, short, elbow, 3/4,  and long), thumb hole option, PLUS the shirt is made especially to fit the curves of a woman.


b+b short


Our girl’s Tee, Sweet Pickles Tee, releases on Wednesday in sizes 2-16.  This tee is slightly curved at the waist to give a feminine look without hugging curves too much.  Sweet Pickles features 4 sleeve lengths (cap, short, 3/4, and long) and also has a thumb hole option just like the Bread N Butter Tee.  With hooded or jeweled neckline you can make the little girl in your life endless tees for all seasons!

That about wraps up this week!



Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Patterns Team

Weekly Update 3/12/17

Weekly Updates

Here’s what’s been going on at Pickle Toes Patterns this week!

New releases this week

We had an awesome release this week with Tadpoles, our newest leggings pattern available in sizes NB-24 months for diapered bottoms.  Plenty of room for diapered behinds and great fit with no baggy knees!  Grab your copy for only $5.

Purchase your pattern here:


Upcoming Releases this week

This week we are releasing 2 patterns.  The first release we have is Polliwogs, the companion girls size leggings to our new release Tadpoles.  Polliwogs will be available in sizes 12 months-16 girls for non diapered bottoms.  These leggings feature a yoga band with 2 band length options.  You can choose either the fold down yoga band or the shorter yoga band.  No baggy behinds or knees… it’s the perfect leggings fit.  Available for purchase this coming Monday 3/13/17.


We will be releasing Lazy Daisies Undies and Cami set for 18 inch dolls on Wednesday 3/15.  This is the PERFECT way to use up some scraps and sew some basic necessities for your doll.  Both the undies and cami use an FOE (fold over elastic) binding to give them stretch and a great finish.  This pattern would also be great as modest swimwear for any 18 inch doll! The pattern provides modest cut undies, so no dolly bottoms will show.

lazy daisies

The fun stuff!

An Acute Tee Pi sew along starts Monday 3/13/17 at 10am EST (Eastern Standard Time). This pattern is an AMAZING SCRAP BUSTER!  So grab your scraps and your pattern and head over to:


We always give away a free pattern to one lucky participant at the end of the sew along.  Don’t miss out on fun, sewing, tips, and a chance to win!

acute promo

Until next week take care and happy sewing,

The Pickle Toes Team